Metal Sculptures

Can I keep my metal sculpture outside?

Yes! We spray all of our metal sculptures with clear gloss lacquer to prevent them from rusting. If you keep your sculpture outside you’ll need to respray it every 9-12 months or so. When the lacquer loses its lustre and/or you see a few small spots of rust, it’s time to respray.

For best results, respray your sculpture on a warm, still day, and don’t forget to turn it over and spray underneath.

I've bought a tall bird. How do I secure it to the ground?

You can secure a tall bird by pushing a tent peg into the ground over one of its toes.


Where are your baskets from and what are they made of?

They are from Bolgatanga in Ghana and are made from elephant grass. The handles are bound with goat leather for extra comfort and strength. Our vegan baskets do not have any leather on them.

How do I reshape my basket?

Wet your basket with a garden hose or by dunking it in a sink or tub (you do not need to soak it). If the handle is bound with leather, avoid getting the leather wet. While the basket is wet, use your hands to push it into its original, round shape. Dry it in a shady spot or under a fan.

How do I care for my basket?

You’ll get years of use from your basket by following a few simple steps.

  • Don’t overload your basket.
  • Don’t drag your basket along rough surfaces. The elephant grass will abrade or break.
  • Avoid leaving the basket in direct sun for extended periods as the natural dyes used to colour it may fade over time.
  • If the basket gets wet, dry it in a shady spot or under a fan.
  • If you live in a humid climate, spraying the basket with diluted clove oil can prevent mould.


Where is your fabric from?

Our fabric is from West Africa, mainly Ghana, Nigeria and Niger.

How do I wash the fabric?

Wash the fabric with a mild detergent in cold or warm water.  Dry and iron it as you would for any other cotton fabric.

Our products

Are your products ethically sourced?

Of course! We purchase our Zimbabwean metal and stone sculptures directly from the artists who make them. This ensures that income is distributed straight to vulnerable communities, which helps to create local employment, stimulate business and strengthen families.

The products we sell from other countries are either sourced from the artists who make them or from ethically responsible suppliers.

Are all of your products available for sale through your website?

We do our best to offer as many products as we can on our website and we upload new products almost every week. 

If you’re interested in something that you’ve seen at our shop, market stall or on social media and it’s not on our website, please contact us for a shipping quote. We just need the name of your town or suburb and your postcode.



Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

We strive to use environmentally responsible packaging wherever we can, particularly degradable or recycled materials for packing and recycled boxes for shipping.

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes! If you live in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, you are welcome to collect your order from our shop in Hahndorf. Select ‘Local Pickup’ as the shipping method.

What is your returns policy?

Most of our products are handmade so small variations and/or imperfections are to be expected. We check our products for faults before we ship them, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us within 14 days of purchase. We cannot offer a refund or exchange after this period.

We offer refunds or exchanges for defective or faulty products, but not if you’ve simply changed your mind.

The shipping and handling costs on items you return to us are your responsibility. Please take care to pack returned items well and use tracked and insured postage as we do not take responsibility for items damaged or lost in transit.

For contact details or to send us an email, please go to our Contact page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! To give you a shipping quote, all we need is:
1) the name of the item or items you’d like to purchase and the quantity
2) the name of your town, postcode/zipcode (if you have one), and country

Please email us these details and we’ll get back to you within a day with a quote. You can use the email form on our Contact page.

Our shop

Where is your shop and when is it open?

Our shop is at 20 Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf, South Australia. We are directly opposite Otto’s Bakery.

We’re open Thursdays to Sundays and public holidays* from 10am to 5pm.

* We’re closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Markets and Events

What's the next market you'll be at?

Check out our News page for info on the next market we’ll be at.

We’ll also post details on our Facebook page and Instagram profile.