Winnowing Basket (#07) – 31cm


This is a winnowing basket, handwoven in Zimbabwe by a woman from the BaTonga tribe and ethically sourced. It’s a fairly flat basket and has a coiled rim. These baskets are sometimes called Binga baskets, after the area in Zimbabwe in which they are woven.

Winnowing is the process of separating grain from chaff. Ground grain such as millet is placed in a basket like this then tossed in the air so the chaff blows away.

Our winnowing baskets are made from Illala palm leaves, which are a sustainable resource. The leaves are boiled for several hours to soften them for weaving. Bark from specific trees is used to dye some of the leaves brown, enabling the weavers to create striking and intricate designs against a neutral background.

Winnowing baskets can be used as platters or a centrepiece on a table. They also look beautiful hung a wall, particularly with other winnowing baskets of different sizes.

Diameter: 31cm