Shop with your conscience

Shopping with your conscience means being mindful of the items you buy, considering your values and choosing well. Do you know where the items have come from? Have they been made from sustainable or recycled materials, or materials with minimal environmental impact? If you’re buying something handmade, do you know whether the artisan has been paid properly for their work and treated fairly and ethically?
When you buy something from Zambezi Crafts, you can answer yes to all these questions. We can tell you exactly where your item has come from and how it got here. Most of our products are made from sustainable or recycled materials. And if you’re holding something from Zimbabwe, we can even tell you the name of the artist who made it! By the time you see a sculpture or basket in our shop, the artist who made it has already been paid for their work, properly and fairly. We do not buy anything on consignment.
The whole point of our business is to try to do some good in the world by supporting artists in vulnerable African communities. All of our products are, without exception, ethically sourced, and in most cases directly from the artists who made them. 
Your purchases help African artisans to earn a stable income, which helps them to buy tools and materials, employ local staff and look after their families. Shop with your conscience – you can make a huge difference!
shop with your conscience